back2school pt.1/2

Hi! It’s been over a month since I last posted here. It’s because 1: I have worked very much and haven’t made this as the number one priority and 2: because I don’t have readers at all, so I’m not very motivated to work with this blog. Now I’ve got some time off, so I … More back2school pt.1/2

watches [19|July]

I thought some watch inspiration was necessary! Actually, the two pictures to the right in the first picture (on the top) is my own, so yeah.. What are you guys thinking about these kinds of posts? Should I keep doing them? To see more of this just click here: See you soon. H


eyy Today I was starting to explore this wordpress world and I ended up followong six blogs/websites. I thought that I could share it with you and that way you can see what kind of things that interests me. The blogs are: I will try to keep up with … More followed